Singapore Day 2014 in London

Hello all..  My feet feel the itch, the desire to travel.  So the only travelling I managed to do lately is travel to Singapore Day in London.  LOL!  It honestly felt like I was in Singapore.  We had to register way in advance as the entry is free.  It was strictly for Singaporeans, which I really liked as the feeling of being there was exclusive.  Although saying that, you can register a Non-Singaporean Plus One that’s a family member.  Which was great as I would have loved to go with my husband.  He loves Singaporean Food – even more than me.

The Perks of Singapore Day:

  • Best Chefs from Singapore flown to London to serve FREE FOOD for all.  The queues were really long – but the taste of Singapore was priceless.  I was a happy person.  Especially eating freshly made Roti-Prata.  The one hour wait was worth it.
  • You mingle with about 10 000 Singaporeans from UK and Europe.  It’s pretty extraordinary that a day like this can bring everyone together.
  • You feel extra patriotic.  I wore Red, it pretty much SPELLS OUT PATRIOTISM.  I was simply proud to be Singaporean.  I loved every minute of it.  Maybe being away from a country really makes you appreciate your country more 🙂
  • The PM was the guest of honour and I got a picture with him.  Well sort of, but managed a handshake.  Maybe the Red Shirt did the trick? LOL.
  • To end the day off there was chilled water.  That might sound trivial but on a hot day, chilled bottle water is truly appreciated.
  • Well planned till the last detail…!




Casuarina Curry.  The prata is awesome and crispy.  My mouth is watering thinking about it….!




So many people.  Turn out was so great that somehow I didn’t manage to meet all my friends that were there. Unfortunately, the phone network wasn’t too great.



The PM of Singapore – Lee Hsien Loong.Image


My RED SHIRT that got me noticed?  LOL.


All in all – really enjoyed a taste of home in London..!




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