Envylope App by Amit & Bandhna Bajaj – Featured in Asian World Newspaper – September 2014

Hello all!  September brought in a pleasant surprise for us.  We were so happy to see our app being featured in almost a full page on a newspaper.  It was featured in Asian World Newspaper – September 2014, page 25! 🙂


Just so you don’t have to strain your eyes, here’s just the text:

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 11.08.00

Envylope.  Our App.  Our Dream.  Our Reality.


Envylope makes “Bandhna Kaur Bajaj” appear in the Press!

The perks of having your own “product” or “creation” out there is that it’s actually yours.  This might sound simple but it is truly rewarding.


A simple equation that exemplifies that hard work can make an idea into a reality.

Here are places Envylope has been featured in so far:

10 June 2014 – Interview by Teck Comes First


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16 May 2014 – Tabla! Singapore Newspaper



Click here for full page (Page 15).

30 January 2014 – iPhone Glance



Click here for full article.

Envylope Update is on its way… Here’s a Sneak Peak!

I’ve been so excited while working on Envylope App‘s Update.  The best new aesthetic feature really has to be the ability to select your own theme.  Yes, I designed it!  🙂  It should be out in a week or so, we are just tying up lose ends now.  Wish us all the best, and I’ll let you know when it’s out.


Feedback is always priceless!



Japanese Money Envelope – Kinpu

Hello everyone!  So today I stumbled upon this blog post: How To Make a Japanese Money Envelope.  It was so reminiscent of my times in Japan.  (One reason how I came up with Envylope App). Japanese people are really into culture and aesthetics.

In their culture – money envelopes (kinpu) as a form of gift giving is predominant.  They give money to one another for new births, marriages, new houses, funerals even they “pay” money to tutors in a “money-envelope” as it is considered to be more polite.  The envelope they choose for the various occasion is different too.  Each type of envelope has a different symbolic characteristic.  I honestly love their culture – it’s just so interesting.  I miss JAPAN!

This made me think that I absolutely must get a translation of Envylope App  in the Japan App Store ASAP!  🙂

And in my spare time, I can learn how to make a Japanese Money Envelope too! hehehe

Hope everyones been wonderful. Here’s a link to Asian Cultures that use Envelopes as gift giving – written by me 😉 .

Any tips/comments on the Japan App Market is welcomed!



Amit & Bandhna (Envylope App) are off to an Indian Wedding Fair Today!



Hello bloggers!  Hope everyone’s enjoying their weekend so far.  Just thought it would be terribly unfair to not let you guys know of my App on half-price today.  How can it just be on discount for strangers and not my readers?  NOT FAIR.  So if anyone’s interested and hasn’t downloaded it yet – Envylope is just 69P today (until Midnight London Time!)