B’s Been Busy – With Her Sisters!

My sisters just left London today (I’m missing them already btw..)! Had loads of fun- travelled around UK a bit and ate a bit. OK so no one would believe that – LOL! Yes, I completely pigged out. I think I’ve gained at least 2 KGS. I haven’t checked my weight yet as I’m horrified at the very thought!

A glimpse of our midnight snacking included left over scones topped with Nutella and hot custard:



Well so my fat content has definitely exponentially increased.



B’s Afternoon Tea with the Husband at Waldorf Astoria Syon Lane

Hello!  I got a birthday gift voucher for afternoon tea for 2 at Waldorf Astoria Syon Lane so it was time to drag my husband to one of these.  He’s never been for one!!  I usually go with my girlfriends, but since he loves food – I thought he would enjoy it 🙂

It was lovely as expected.  🙂

Here’s the menu:Image

We obviously went for the vegetarian option and omitted the egg mayo with an avocado sandwich.  It was yummy!

And here’s the result of our order…


3 layers of heaven!  I’m going to say something pretty vain here but my scones are better. They are softer and yummier just FYI.  Even my hubby said it – and no I didn’t bribe him to compliment me 🙂

Let’s look at each layer… Scrutinising food is always good 😉


ImageImageIt was all pretty delectable.  My favourite sandwich was the cheddar cheese with chutney (not because I’m Indian!)  Favourite scone – was well, my own. HAHAHA!

Favourite dessert had to be the chocolate eclair.  It was yummy with oozing custard inside.


My enchanted tea (so it was called) – was mysterious. Kind of reminded me of the enchanted magical forest.  Yes I am in my own world. And yes, I love being in it!  It had a fruity flavour and was pretty interesting.

To end the afternoon tea – since it was an all-inclusive:  I ended it with a nice hot cappuccino!

ImageIt was a bit strong to be honest.  Oh god, I sound like I’m complaining about a FREE MEAL. How is that even possible??

Ok the scone was pretty good, how can anything topped up with clotted cream and jam go wrong?

ImageEnjoyed my day out 🙂  My sisters are coming to visit London tomorrow – so I’ll be showing them around and exploring London as a tourist!  xx B

Photo-editing app: Snapseed

Snapseed – an app that I use for all my iphone photo editing.  I simply love it.  It gives richer texture and color to my food pictures too.  FYI – the food pictures that you see on my blog are all taken with an iPhone 5.  Some are edited with Snapseed, ok most are edited. hahaha!

Reasons I like Snapseed:

  • Easy to use
  • FREE (free is always good!)
  • Distinct difference after editing
  • Can be saved/emailed easily from the app

You can see the difference for yourself, here’s a picture of coconut scones with chocolate before editing:



Here’s one after editing:


The difference is pretty obvious.  The colors look more vibrant!!




Hope you enjoy editing your pictures!




Coconut Scones

Hello everyone 🙂 I’ve been experimenting with Scones lately.  I altered the BBC recipe a bit to make coconut scones.  I had to make these twice as I was unsure of the amount of coconut to put in it.  The first go,  I used 50g of coconut.  The second go, I increased it a bit to suit my palette more!


I tried different shapes, just for fun!

B’s Coconut Scones

Bakes: About 12 small scones, but I made some big funky shapes instead.


  • 225g Self Raising Flour
  • 55g Butter
  • 50g Caster Sugar
  • 75g Fine Desiccated Coconut
  • Pinch of Salt
  • 150ml milk


  1. Preheat oven to 220C.
  2. Mix together the flour, salt and rub the butter. Make sure the butter is cold.  This ensures softer scones.
  3. Add in the coconut and sugar.  Mix in the milk and knead lightly to a dough.
  4. Move to a floured surface and cut the shapes required.
  5. Brush with milk.
  6. Bake for about 13 minutes, till golden on the top.
  7. Serve with butter.  🙂

I personally like this the best with just butter as you can then appreciate the taste of the coconut.  I raised the amount of sugar in this recipe as a result.  As served with butter, it should be a bit sweeter than a normal scone that is served with jam.

YES, the FOODIE thought about it properly!  Give it a go. You know you want to!



Foodie Fridays: Eggless Scones

I’ve really been wanting to eat home-made scones so thought I’d make them.  Last I baked them was a year ago in a friends’ baking birthday party.  It was actually an afternoon party where we bake what we eat (very smart of the host and I should incorporate this idea into my party planning) 🙂

I got this recipe from BBC FOOD and did not alter it – as I liked how it turned out!


Yes its on my Paprika App, in case you’re wondering! 🙂  To make them eggless, follow the recipe through and at the end brush the scones with milk before baking.  It’s that simple.  Scones are faster and easier to make than cookies.  So get baking!

This is my baking process and the yummy end result:



I can’t decide if I prefer clotted cream then strawberry jam or the other way around.  So the next morning I had it in reverse.  Both were delish!  Dilemmas of a true foodie.

Another interesting way to eat it is with a spread of Nutella and Peanut Butter.  My husband is not a fan of cream + jam and has his scones topped that way.  Although,  I like my scones done traditionally – clotted cream with jam = heaven.  So the choice is yours!

Added Notes:

Recently, I’ve improved on my scones and created a new recipe which I absolutely love.  Check it out – Coconut Eggless Scones