Update for Envylope is out – the BIGGEST update YET!

We have been working on this for almost 2 months now.  It’s been tiring and we both have learnt so much more from these 2 months!

The update is here and available on the App Store🙂  The best feature I personally like is the theme selection (yes I’ve mentioned it before!), as I love being able to customise my app in a way that is pleasing to my eyes!  It’s like the concept of choosing a notebook design.  Yes – something so trivial but it makes all the difference!

 MergedToUpload copy

So check it out… And would love some support from fellow bloggers – Review Us on the App Store and spread the love! 🙂  I did not realise how Apple works with Reviews till recently.  Did you know you can only see reviews of an App from the same country as you?  Unfortunately, that’s so misleading and makes it tough to have MANY REVIEWS in ONE PLACE.  Dispersion is best soley for pollen grains and not for apps – LOL!