Envylope by Amit & Bandhna – Reviewed Online!

Hello everyone.  I am very much alive and have not died – just in case any one of you morbid people were wondering!  LOL! Although,  I feel it has been just way too long since I have blogged.  I’m back home (finally), so you’ll be hearing from me much more.  My veggie-food experiments will also be on a high as I’ve missed the kitchen! Now, who would have thought?  Well, I have missed cooking my own food.  I’ve been on the go for quite awhile and I just want to eat my own stuff now!!

Anyways –  I was super excited to see my name on a review site!  So rewarding!  I just had to share it 🙂


My name on this site…. Yaey!!  So it’s always beneficial to have a unique name as chances are almost certain that its you 😉  Hope everyone has been really well.  A huge thank you to my new followers as well –  I’m usually very active, so you’ll be hearing from me more.  Looking forward to checking out everyones blog too!

Hope everyone has had a Sparkling New Year – a Belated Happy New Year From Sparkle Bubble! 




Technology Tuesdays: The Guy I Married – Amit Bajaj is working on his own APP!

Hello everyone!  I’ve dedicated this post to my husband as it’s his birthday today!  We are both born in July – mine was on the 19th (FYI) – in case you missed it. I absolutely love birthdays.  I am very much excited about birthdays more than the birthday person!

ImageThis was his surprise birthday brekky!  He loves a good old fashioned British Traditional Breakfast.  I’m completely aware of how unhealthy it is, but a birthday is a birthday 😉

My husband and I are currently working on our app for the last few months.  Now it seems to be building up into a proper layout where he is implementing the user interface.  We are hoping for his programming and IT skills to integrate well with my creativity.  Hopefully this will result in a fantastic app!  You can check out his blog here. 🙂  I will keep you guys updated about our APP once it is 50% done.  At that stage I would welcome any thoughts/suggestions to improving our app as we are novice!  After our first app – I will definitely want to do an APP on FOOD and on TRAVEL!  As I love both!

The feeling of having our own app in the App Store will be one that I can’t put into words.  Although it’s going to be a free app – the reward will be priceless.

Just wanted to share this on my blog!




Photo-editing app: Snapseed

Snapseed – an app that I use for all my iphone photo editing.  I simply love it.  It gives richer texture and color to my food pictures too.  FYI – the food pictures that you see on my blog are all taken with an iPhone 5.  Some are edited with Snapseed, ok most are edited. hahaha!

Reasons I like Snapseed:

  • Easy to use
  • FREE (free is always good!)
  • Distinct difference after editing
  • Can be saved/emailed easily from the app

You can see the difference for yourself, here’s a picture of coconut scones with chocolate before editing:



Here’s one after editing:


The difference is pretty obvious.  The colors look more vibrant!!




Hope you enjoy editing your pictures!




Technology Tuesdays: Articles in my “pocket”

When you’re on the go, having what you need in your pocket is always convenient.  The Pocket App stores articles and videos. Once the article is downloaded it can be read offline anywhere. This proves to be extremely useful when I am on the tube (assuming I get a seat that is, which is unlikely – but anyways!)

My husband and I have been doing various research on the current app market. When he comes across interesting articles that would shed some light on the launching on our first app, he puts it in my pocket.  Although, I’d prefer a cheque book in my pocket, but articles for now would do 🙂

How the app works: 

I have a desktop client on my iMac which allows me to save links and send them to my app. In addition, another user (in my case, my husband) can add to your individual pocket list.

It’s a good sharing platform.  Also, it’s compatible with Flipboard (you can check out my review on that app) that makes it easy for users to read articles offline later.  Once the articles/links are saved they appear in a list format.


The picture depicts the list format.  Furthermore, it shows the articles that have been sent to my list by my husband – Amit Bajaj.


The app also simplifies searching for your saved material with the categories above.  This functionality makes it easy if you have numerous articles/videos saved and want to search for a specific one.

This app is pretty handy – download it and give it a shot and put it in your “pocket”. (Couldn’t resist being cheesy – sorry! haha)



Living in the UK Exam – there’s an APP!

Hello everyone! 🙂

I PASSED the exam! CELEBRATIONS are in place!  My husband picked me up from the centre and he got take away for lunch! How sweet of him.

I was in exuberance upon getting my result.  Ok, the actual exam was very tricky.  I was surprised that the first question left me dumbfounded. I was like huh? The Crimean War? What does that even have to do with Living in the UK.  Luckily, I remembered a bit here and there from the study guide.  I studied more on UK policies than the history.  Studying does pay off. I started off Uni in law school – that actually really helped me study smart and mind map concisely. All in all – I’m just so happy to get it out of the way.

Completely side tracking, but the examiner loved my nails. 🙂  Pretty nails are usually a conversation starter or just a simple ice-breaker.  🙂

YES.  So I passed.  The APP really did help.  I’d suggest anyone applying for a settlement VISA in UK to download the app.  It was 2 or 3 pounds – enough to make me pause and think.  Then I weighed out the opportunity cost and logically thought to myself that I just makes sense.  And it did.

There were about 7-10 exact questions, or very similar.  It’s a bit of a blur right now.  Somehow after an exam its always hard to recall EXACTLY what was asked.  Saying that, I know exactly what was not asked (nothing about the elections or the UK coalition party).  Which makes me wonder about the importance of the exam in the first place.

Furthermore, around 10 questions were completely new to me.  They weren’t in the trial mock exam database in the app and the remainders were just similar content but different wording.

Tips for people taking this exam in the future:

  1. I’d suggest to actually study.  Even if you feel nerdy doing so, do it.  It’s 50 pounds – don’t waste it.
  2. Download the app – do the mock exams repeatedly until you know the answer before reading the question.
  3. Make notes – trivial facts are actually asked.
  4. Be confident but not overconfident. Re-read the question.

Good luck to all.  Migrating often seems adventurous and fun to most.  Unfortunately there’s endless paperwork and issues regarding legality that need to be followed.  To top it off – an exam!