Rainbow Zebra Nails

Hello everyone!  Hope everyones been good 🙂

When I was away at my sisters wedding I got my nails done to match all the bright coloured indian clothes.  What could be better than Rainbow Zebra Nails?!  It’s pretty loud and bright, but nothing short of gorgeous I would say! 🙂  



The manicurist was so happy with her art that she took a photo on her own phone to keep! 🙂




OPI: PINK – Suzi’s hungry again!


Am loving the shade of pink on my nails right now!  I got to admit when I first read the color, the foodie in me was like huh?  Sushi?  Hungry again?  That just about shows that I am hungry again!  What a weird name for a pink color… Suzi’s hungry again!  Yet, its a name I won’t quite forget!!!

Loving my nails! xx