B’s Been Busy – With Her Sisters!

My sisters just left London today (I’m missing them already btw..)! Had loads of fun- travelled around UK a bit and ate a bit. OK so no one would believe that – LOL! Yes, I completely pigged out. I think I’ve gained at least 2 KGS. I haven’t checked my weight yet as I’m horrified at the very thought!

A glimpse of our midnight snacking included left over scones topped with Nutella and hot custard:



Well so my fat content has definitely exponentially increased.



B’s Afternoon Tea with the Husband at Waldorf Astoria Syon Lane

Hello!  I got a birthday gift voucher for afternoon tea for 2 at Waldorf Astoria Syon Lane so it was time to drag my husband to one of these.  He’s never been for one!!  I usually go with my girlfriends, but since he loves food – I thought he would enjoy it 🙂

It was lovely as expected.  🙂

Here’s the menu:Image

We obviously went for the vegetarian option and omitted the egg mayo with an avocado sandwich.  It was yummy!

And here’s the result of our order…


3 layers of heaven!  I’m going to say something pretty vain here but my scones are better. They are softer and yummier just FYI.  Even my hubby said it – and no I didn’t bribe him to compliment me 🙂

Let’s look at each layer… Scrutinising food is always good 😉


ImageImageIt was all pretty delectable.  My favourite sandwich was the cheddar cheese with chutney (not because I’m Indian!)  Favourite scone – was well, my own. HAHAHA!

Favourite dessert had to be the chocolate eclair.  It was yummy with oozing custard inside.


My enchanted tea (so it was called) – was mysterious. Kind of reminded me of the enchanted magical forest.  Yes I am in my own world. And yes, I love being in it!  It had a fruity flavour and was pretty interesting.

To end the afternoon tea – since it was an all-inclusive:  I ended it with a nice hot cappuccino!

ImageIt was a bit strong to be honest.  Oh god, I sound like I’m complaining about a FREE MEAL. How is that even possible??

Ok the scone was pretty good, how can anything topped up with clotted cream and jam go wrong?

ImageEnjoyed my day out 🙂  My sisters are coming to visit London tomorrow – so I’ll be showing them around and exploring London as a tourist!  xx B

Foodie Fridays: B’s 2 Ingredient Granola-Banana Cookies

Hello 🙂  There are so many 2 ingredient recipes floating around that make you think how easy it can be to whip something up!  I came across this website a few days ago and wanted to try somethings out. The ice-cream bread looks like a fantastic idea, I will definitely try it out in B’s Kitchen 🙂

Today, I wanted a healthy but easy snack (I’m recovering from a flu) boo-hoo! Hate having a flu!  Yes, I’m all rhyming today 🙂

I used 1 banana and about 3/4 cup of granola.  EASY & VEGETARIAN!


I used this granola as it had bits of chocolate.  I love the combination of chocolate and banana! 🙂

I mixed the banana and granola in a bowl.  Mashing up the banana is key!  Then mixing it all in is easy (I use disposable gloves to do this as I have long nails and it’s kind of gross otherwise!)


I then made them into tiny cookie sizes.  I didn’t flatten them out much as I prefer it to be soft inside.


I funnily enough forgot to take the end result.  It was hot out of the oven – the smell of banana filled the kitchen and I starting eating.. and eating.. Gave the husband his share.. and then I remembered… “MY BLOG…”


The tiny remain before I ate my last bite! 🙂 YUMMY.

B’s 2 Ingredient Granola-Banana Cookies

Bakes: About 6-8 depending on size


  • 1 banana (riped is better!)
  • 3/4 cup granola


  1. Preheat oven to 180 C.
  2. Line baking tray with cookie sheet.
  3. Mash the banana and mix in the granola.
  4. Make sure the mixture is not too dry or wet.  It should be moist like the picture above.
  5. Bake for 15 mins.

Enjoy this healthy vegetarian treat! Great for days when I hit the gym.  I can eat minus the guilt.



Travel Thursdays: B’s Travels!

Hello there!  Thought I’d make a travel index of places I’ve blogged about so far.  I’ve yet to blog about so many other countries that I’ve got the opportunity to explore… 🙂



Thailand – Hua Hin


India – Kerela











Bicester Village + Oxford




One of my favourite quotes of all times (I’ve definitely blogged about it before)

“Like all great travellers, I have seen more than I remember, and remember more than I have seen.” – Benjamin Disraeli

B’s Blog Award: Versatile Blogger! YIPPEEEE!!


My second blog award – I was so excited to get this!!!  Thank you Laurie!! You can check out her website here.  I almost feel like she’s my soul-blogger-sister as we seem to have so many things in common – that are kind of *ahem* WEIRD. hahahaha! 🙂 So do check out her blog!!

Blog checklist:

1. Display the Award Certificate on your website/blog.

Yeap yeap yeap!

2. Announce your win with a post. Make sure to post a link back to me as a ‘thank you’ for the nomination.

Thanks Laurie!  You can never thank someone enough. 🙂

3. Present 15 awards to deserving bloggers.

Look below!

4. Drop them a comment to tip them off after you have linked them in the post.

Yes will do!

5. Post 7 interesting things about yourself.

(Going to write a list soon – I can think of at least 20 interesting things! LOL!)

The lucky nominees are

1) Charayanam – Healthy Vegan Recipes

2) Diana –  Dolce Diana

3) Christine – Part of my world

4) Ryan – Ryan M Bell Photography

5) Celeste – Honk If You’re Vegan

6) Myra – The Happy Health Freak

7) Liz – Food for Fun

8) Rika – Vegan Miam

9) Millie – The Mind of an Eclecticist

10) Chris – Miss Chris Creations

11) Laura – Tinkerbelle

12) Tiff – Tiff’s Tips

**That’s all I can think of. These are my go to blogs. Well and of course LAURIE’S BLOG, but I don’t think I can present the award back to her.  That’s sort of like returning a birthday present to the person that gave it to you.**

Interesting facts about me:

1)  I find it hard to be normal.  I think being normal is weird.

2) I love going to every Hardrock Cafe in all different countries and collecting their tees.

3)  I order the same thing in my favourite restaurants each time after contemplating about trying something new.  I LIKE TAKING GUEST to my fav restaurants to try their food as that enables me to try new things without risking the disappointment of forgoing my order!  HAHA!

4)  I believe I am a celeb of my own life.

5)  I love to dream.  Aim for the moon and even if you fall – you will reach the stars.  I believe that.  I’m a believer, an idealist.

6)  I completely hate negative people who drain my positivity. GO AWAY GO AWAY GO AWAY!

7)  I wish I could eat all the healthy food in the world but cheese gets in my way.

*OMG – I just got started.  There’s really just so much more to me 😉

Really happy with this award….! Thank you 🙂

xx B

B’s Purple Sparkle OPI Nails!

ImageSimply love this shade of purple!  I added a bit of sparkle to the ring fingers for that extra glamour.  OPI has the widest range of shades that appeal to me!


I’m currently using OPI: Purple With a Purpose (NLB30) and the ring fingers are done in a beautiful sparkly turquoise-purple OPI: Polka.com NLE71.  Got my acrylics infills done, I’m ready for the next month.



Foodie Fridays: B’s Vegetarian Tuna Pizza (Without Yeast)

Hello everyone.  I LOVE CHEESE.  I really wish I didn’t as it’s so very fatty, but I just love cheese.  Like love love love cheese.  I hope I have emphasised my undying love for cheese to illustrate my passion completely.  It’s funny how words do not do justice to your emotions at times.  But I’m sure you’ve got the point, if you haven’t, I LOVE CHEESE.

Ater turning vegetarian, I really missed having Tuna as it was one of my favourites.  Fortunately, I discovered Vegetarian Tuna (made from soya).  It actually tastes like the real thing!  I’ve had it in salads and sandwiches so far.  Today, I wanted to try it warm.  I thought I’d try it on pizza.

I’ve always been terrified of yeast.  I don’t know why – I guess yeast rising is creepy in someways.  I googled pizza dough without yeast and gave it a shot!  I came across this link.  Majority of the comments were good, which made me lean towards it!

Here are my photo-steps:


A ball of yeast-less pizza dough. YAEY!!

ImageRolled out and ready for the oven!  I thought it was wise to bake them for 10 minutes first to avoid it to get soggy! This is the pic after the oven btw! Tried a thin base and a thick base.  Always good to try out to different kinds in your first go.  OPTIONS ARE GREAT. Good to know what you prefer!


Toppings are on – and ready to go!


It was that good.  I left out photo-editing as I felt it would be unfair to the pizza to touch it up when it looks this good 😉  Yes pizzas can be personified in my world.

ImageThe pizza deserved a second angle 😉  DELECTABLE. DELICIOUS. SCRUMPTIOUS.


Makes:  2 Large Pizzas and 1 baby one (LOL)


  • 2 1/2 cup plain flour
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 3/4 water
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 2 3/4 tsp baking powder
  • Tomato passata, basil, salt and pepper
  • Veg Tuna
  • Cheese


  1. Mix dry ingredients together.  Add water.  Add oil.
  2. Mix with hands to form a dough.
  3. When it forms into a ball make sure it is not too sticky.  If you’ve added extra water, add a bit more flour to balance it out.
  4. When the texture is right (Smooth) start kneading on a surface with flour for 3-4 minutes.
  5. Roll it out to the desired shape.  I tried my best to make it look like a pizza but one pizza looked like the shape of India on the atlas!
  6. Bake in the oven for 10 minutes at 200 C.
  7. Put tomato passata in a pot and heat it with seasoning.  Mix some of the sauce with the tuna.
  8. Add the tomato base on the pizza, top with tuna and cheese.
  9. Bake for 20 minutes at 200 C or more depending on how you like it!

Enjoy your Vegetarian Tuna Pizza that has no yeast in it’s pizza dough. Yeast is creepy.  Until I overcome my yeast-a-phobia I will be using this recipe as I loved it!  What a find – thank you Terry!