Here’s an INDEX of all my posts and links to Envylope.  For quick insight on what it is & our ongoing progress with it.  

Encapsulating the struggles and the success it entails. 

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Money-Envelope Predominant Gift in Asian Culture

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The Excitement: Envylope’s Out on the App Store

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Envylope’s Update On the Way

My Happiness Expressed:  Envylope in the Press

Excitement on Getting Editor’s Choice Award & Being Featured Further


Envylope makes “Bandhna Kaur Bajaj” appear in the Press!

The perks of having your own “product” or “creation” out there is that it’s actually yours.  This might sound simple but it is truly rewarding.


A simple equation that exemplifies that hard work can make an idea into a reality.

Here are places Envylope has been featured in so far:

10 June 2014 – Interview by Teck Comes First


Click here to read the full interview.

16 May 2014 – Tabla! Singapore Newspaper



Click here for full page (Page 15).

30 January 2014 – iPhone Glance



Click here for full article.

Update for Envylope is out – the BIGGEST update YET!

We have been working on this for almost 2 months now.  It’s been tiring and we both have learnt so much more from these 2 months!

The update is here and available on the App Store🙂  The best feature I personally like is the theme selection (yes I’ve mentioned it before!), as I love being able to customise my app in a way that is pleasing to my eyes!  It’s like the concept of choosing a notebook design.  Yes – something so trivial but it makes all the difference!

 MergedToUpload copy

So check it out… And would love some support from fellow bloggers – Review Us on the App Store and spread the love! 🙂  I did not realise how Apple works with Reviews till recently.  Did you know you can only see reviews of an App from the same country as you?  Unfortunately, that’s so misleading and makes it tough to have MANY REVIEWS in ONE PLACE.  Dispersion is best soley for pollen grains and not for apps – LOL!



Envylope Update is on its way… Here’s a Sneak Peak!

I’ve been so excited while working on Envylope App‘s Update.  The best new aesthetic feature really has to be the ability to select your own theme.  Yes, I designed it!  🙂  It should be out in a week or so, we are just tying up lose ends now.  Wish us all the best, and I’ll let you know when it’s out.


Feedback is always priceless!



Envylope by Amit & Bandhna – Reviewed Online!

Hello everyone.  I am very much alive and have not died – just in case any one of you morbid people were wondering!  LOL! Although,  I feel it has been just way too long since I have blogged.  I’m back home (finally), so you’ll be hearing from me much more.  My veggie-food experiments will also be on a high as I’ve missed the kitchen! Now, who would have thought?  Well, I have missed cooking my own food.  I’ve been on the go for quite awhile and I just want to eat my own stuff now!!

Anyways –  I was super excited to see my name on a review site!  So rewarding!  I just had to share it 🙂


My name on this site…. Yaey!!  So it’s always beneficial to have a unique name as chances are almost certain that its you 😉  Hope everyone has been really well.  A huge thank you to my new followers as well –  I’m usually very active, so you’ll be hearing from me more.  Looking forward to checking out everyones blog too!

Hope everyone has had a Sparkling New Year – a Belated Happy New Year From Sparkle Bubble! 



Envylope on Facebook by Amit & Bandhna Bajaj

Hope everyone’s been doing good!  I’ve been so busy in Singapore, it’s been hectic.  Enjoying myself though 🙂


I have recently created a FACEBOOK PAGE for ENVYLOPE!  Do check it out when you have time and a like would make me happy and a comment would make me happier 😉

Like us on Facebook!  🙂  And all suggestions to make it better are welcomed…!




MY APP IS OUT!!! Envylope :)

TECHNOLOGY TUESDAYS!!! OMG OMG MY APP IS HERE.  We were pleasantly surprised that it got approved by Apple on the first attempt! 🙂

Hello dearest bloggers and random viewers!  I’m in Singapore for a wedding and have been currently MIA – thought I’d update you just in case I have been missed.


I’m in exuberance today…  Our APP has made it to the APP STORE.  Check out: Envylope at the App Store.  A money-envelope organiser.  You can create your own personal database of who you have given to, who you have received from etc.  Get your personal money organised today!!

In a nutshell if you’re lazy to do any clicking:

This app is all about organising your money envelopes.  Coming from an Indian background, a lot of our gift giving and receiving is in the form of cash.  This can be for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, Diwali, New Years etc…  In life before I got married, I was receiving more than giving.  However, now being married it’s become customary for me to give as well (SIGH. HAHAHAHA)  I will be posting on how I got the idea another day!

I’ve been to so many events with people from diverse backgrounds who give money-envelopes.  Having a personal database on your iPhone would just be so much easier….

I find it useful to have a database on my phone instead of flipping through a notebook.  This app allows users to easily filter their database and search seamlessly.  (No need to go through all your lists again!!)

This proves to be extremely useful when you are going to a friends wedding who gave you $x at your wedding years ago.  Now its your turn to give – and you don’t want to be the “cheap friend” who gave less than what she received.  With this app you can easily access the amount you got years ago at your fingertips….  🙂  Keep lists for what your child received for first birthdays, christmas etc…  We also added a functionality where users can email the lists as PDF for printing (just in case you love having things in paper!) 🙂

This is our first app ever.  We have spent so much time and effort building this as we both have no experience and it was completely a self-learning journey.

Amit (my husband) spent so many early mornings learning programming, as this has been his aim – to make apps.  I am not a technical person but I self taught myself UI designs on photoshop and together we made an app.

The feeling of seeing your name on the App Store is amazing as there’s a sense of creating your own product.  Right now my name is just under copyright (I am pestering my husband to put it next to his LOL –  but it was actually a previous developer account he had -we are trying to edit it hahaha)  But am really happy!

Invention is so much easier these days through technology.  🙂

Would truly appreciate support from my wordpress family and bloggers!!  Please give me feedback and suggestions to improve for the update..!