Technology Tuesdays: Air-popped Popcorn

I’ve been eating popcorn on and off in the cinema lately.  I know I shouldn’t –  but I can’t help it.  Sometimes, I make it at home, my stove-popcorn style.  However,  the popcorn only pops with at least 3 tbsp of oil!  Ok, that’s to feed two very hungry people. LOL 🙂

So I went on amazon and decided to order a fat-free popcorn maker.  It was 20 pounds with free shipping.  Really a good deal! It just arrived – and I couldn’t resist but try some!


Thought I’d add the pamphlet – incase anyone wants to order it too (all the info is on there!)


  • Fat Free
  • Takes less space than my blender (it’s tiny)
  • Pops the corn in 3 minutes
  • Minimal clean up needed (just wiping with damp cloth and washing the measuring spoon)
  • Melt your butter in the same measuring spoon as the kernels (ONLY ONE SPOON TO WASH!)


  • Only a small quantity can be made (about 4 cups of popped corn).  We eat a lot. LOL.  It’s good for portion control though!
  • Wait 12 minutes for it to completely cool down before a second batch can be made
  • Not as crunchy as popcorn made with oil

Having said all this, I would recommend it.  It makes a very easy snack when you are in a peckish mood. 🙂  Also, popcorn is rich in fibre and low in fat.  It’s oil-free with this device!





6 thoughts on “Technology Tuesdays: Air-popped Popcorn

  1. SP @ Third Culture Cooking says:

    This made me chuckle, we really have so much in common! My husband and I could (ahem, do!) eat popcorn by the bucketload, hehe! I never thought of using a popcorn maker though, so it’s really useful to hear your thoughts on it! x

    • bandhnabajaj says:

      Haha!! Yeah in the cinema we can easily eat a bucket of popcorn! I read an article on the calorie-count of cinema style popcorn and I was stunned… I wish I hadn’t read that. When it comes to popcorn – ignorance is bliss. 🙂
      This is however guilt-free popcorn and the butter I put afterwards in controlled!
      Thanks for stopping by! x

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