Travel Thursdays: Zurich

I absolutely loved Switzerland.  It’s probably my favourite part of Europe simply because of the magical feeling on Mt Titlus (part of the Alps). I’m feeling terribly nostalgic thinking about it!

I stayed in Moveenpick hotel as we got a reasonable deal for this four star hotel.  However, I would not recommend this hotel as accessibility to the city was misrepresented.  We were told the walk to the train from the hotel was 5 minutes and in reality it was 25 minutes.  I’m questionable at the humanly possible speed the staff is able to walk. Very questionable. Other than that the hotel was very comfortable.

Things to do in Zurich:

  1. Day trip to Mt Titlus by a coach and cable car up the mountains.  We were extremely lucky to get a clear sky.  The day trip cost about 80 euros each.  After the mountains, the tour group stopped at Lucerne.  Lucerne was breath taking, a quaint village.  I would love to move there 🙂 ok maybe not, I would get bored after a day or two.  I’m a city kind of person!
  2. Sprungli Cafe (Lindt Choco) – you have to go there on your first day and order any luxemburgli.  I was in love after eating this!! No macaroon can ever compare to the softness and lightness of this amazing textured macaroon. I’d fly there for it 🙂 Ok, so you got the point.  If you only try it on your last day, your heart will be filled with regret as you can’t have it daily during your stay! The hot chocolate is divine too 🙂
  3. Bahnhofstrasse- Main Street -walk the streets like any city!  This street is the most expensive for retail property in Europe (I saw that on wiki btw) There’s a Sprungli here and there’s another one in the airport.  I’ve been to those two!
  4. Cheese fondue – the best cheese you’d ever eat in your life.  We literally stalked the restaurant till they opened. Very eager. Hahahahha!  There’s cheese fondue just about anywhere. You can google it depending on the area you are visiting!

Photos that encapsulate the beauty of Switzerland:


The view from the cable car on the way up Mount Titlus 🙂




On the Mountains! Alps is just beautiful…. Took my breath away!



Ice grotto @ Mt Titlus.  Loved the colored lights…


Lucerne!  Beautiful 🙂

These are my main recommendations for you guys when you travel to Zurich! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Travel Thursdays: Zurich

  1. rika says:

    I love their airport, too 🙂 It’s nicer than the domestic airports in the U.S., and Zurich is still on my destinations to see! I’m glad you had a lovely time there, they are all gorgeous!

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