Travel Thursdays: Monsoon in Kerela

It’s Travel Thursdays and I’ve decided to blog on old travels etc – just because I haven’t got new exciting travels to blog about.  We are saving for it! 🙂  Kerela is known to be the most beautiful during monsoon season – frankly I was skeptical as to why this was so.  After going during this season I can safely say it is a paradise for PHOTOGRAPHY but that is about it.  I like going out, being on the move without an umbrella and my feet soaked.  So it’s all about perspective I guess!

Tips on where to stay:

  • Marriott Kochi Hotel– simply because you can’t go wrong with a five star in a country which is relatively cheap to your currency!  Our stay a night was equivalent to a 3 star in London or a BnB!  We had a buffet breakfast each morning.  The spread was fantastic.  Hot indian breakfast was made fresh 🙂  For those of you who are not accustomed to indian food – there was continental and english breakfast too.  But I always say in India do as the Indians do!  OK so I say that in every country!  Why not try to enjoy the country locally?  We go there for a different anthropological feel so we might as well enjoy it!
  • Taj Hotel – We stayed here for a night.  It’s much pricer that’s why just a night!  The style of the hotel was rather Maharaja-Type.  That translates into the olden Indian Kingdom Type of Hotels.  The architecture was amazing.  The food was pretty immaculate too!  Another advantage was that there was a complimentary boat trip around the Arabian Sea to see the Chinese Fishing Nets.

FYI – The floods were shocking!!!  One night a road we went by was completely flooded that our car came to a stop.  The driver sent his son outside to look for an alternate route.  The water was up to an average man’s knee.  Fortunately, we weren’t stranded for long.  We also passed by random villagers who were fishing with their hands in the floods and witnessed a big catch.  A man was flapping around the huge fish!


This picture shows the minor floods in the daytime.


My favourite local Kerela food – the Kerela Prata!  It’s a flour based bread that you dip in curry.  It costs about 5 Rupees which is about 5 pence!!  OMG.  SO CHEAP.  Always go to a country where your currency is king! 😉


Indian Masala Tea that is being ‘pulled’ by the man.  Some countries call this “pulling-tea”.  It’s amazing how they do this.  If it were me I’d end up burning myself!  I was in awe.  We actually let ourselves in the kitchen and asked him if we could take a photo.  I can’t speak the language as this is South India and I know Hindi and Punjabi which are both North Indian Languages.  Luckily, he knew a bit of english 🙂


TAJ HOTEL: The hotel swimming pool which looks like an infinity pool.  The sea the hotel overlooks is the Arabian Sea.  It was beautiful!  I actually feel this picture does not do justice to the place.


The Chinese Fishing Nets.  Apparently Chinese people introduced the method of fishing to people in Kerela.  I saw this from the complimentary boat ride 🙂


Sunset view of the Arabian Sea.  It was simply breath-taking!  🙂


The hotel had south-indian cultural dance performances which were interesting to watch.  We watched for a bit but didn’t really understand what was going on.


My happy feet!!  There was a really nice spa where I indulged in a relaxing pedicure.  I chose a bright color to cheer myself up from the perpetual rain.  But I guess that’s what monsoon is about!  😉


The morning buffet range was wonderful.  These were the desserts!  🙂

Must-see shopping mall:

  • Lulu Mall – it has recently opened and has major brand names and also has designer indian wear.  I picked up outfits to wear for upcoming weddings!

Enjoyed my trip there as it was different from what I’m used to for a holiday.  It also really made me appreciate the devloped lifestyle that we lead and often take for granted.




2 thoughts on “Travel Thursdays: Monsoon in Kerela

  1. Liz says:

    I have some major travel envy going on here. With young kids and being fairly settled, I can’t even fathom adventures like this. Guess I will be living vicariously through you 🙂 Love the photos and stories. Thanks for sharing!

    • bandhnabajaj says:

      Once I have kids myself – I won’t be able to venture out like this either! Thanks Liz!! I’ll be posting up my old travels in the next few weeks that I’ve done in the past few years! Hope you’ve been well 🙂 xx

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