Travel Thursdays: A day sight-seeing in London

Hello all!  🙂  Although I live in London, there’s so much to it as a tourist.  I have quite a few tips for visitors who plan to travel to London. I keep this list for all my guest and thought it would be worth sharing it for people planning to come here.

I’m a traveller who absolutely believes in maximising the day.


Must-do-sights in London:

  • Tower Bridge (aesthetically beautiful compared to the London Bridge.  But since there’s a song named after the London Bridge you might as well see it.  It hasn’t fallen down yet FYI)  Vegetarians – eat at Velo (Vietnamese Food) near the London Bridge (the closest tube station).  It is fantastic! It also accepts the TasteCard which makes it tastier haha!
  • London Eye – huge ferris wheel that should be known as the wheel of fortune.  I wish I came up with that phrase but I can’t take credit for it 😉  Heard it on a tour where the guide was stressing on the ridiculous amount of value it wheels in (ok that was my own pun there! hahaha!)
  • Big Ben –  It’s not that big. LOL  We happened to walk right past it to be honest.
  • Westminster Abbey – where all the kings have been crowned.  Beautiful buildings!
  • M&M World –  My definition of heaven.  It smells great and puts you in a positive mood.  I take all my guest there 🙂  It’s in Piccadily Circus.
  • Go on the hop-on-hop-off bus and view everything from a higher angle.  It’s best to actually use it as a 2 hour guided tour rather than hop off it.  I’ve done this twice and I preferred using it as a guide as I felt I made my money’s worth.  You can see all the sites from here including St. Pauls Cathedral, Trafalgar Square and everything I’ve mentioned.
  • Use the tube, buy an oyster card.  The Oyster Card caps itself – so you can hop on and hop off different tube stations.  This is the best way to cover all the major sites in the city by foot.
  • Westfield Mall – has all the major shops without the push-and-shove in Oxford Street.
  • Harrods –  Use it as a sight-seeing mall where you can take photos.  Go to the ground floor where there is a memorial of Princess Diana.
  • Buckingham palace –  I have been for the changing of guards once but I don’t find it worth while to wait in the crowd.  I would rather watch it on youtube.  However – the palace is gorgeous and you should definitely take a stroll to along Green Park to the Palace.  If only I were invited in for afternoon tea 😉
  • Cool Britannia – Best shop on Piccadily for souvenirs and touristic photos!
  • Walk, Walk, Walk.  People who use cabs don’t explore a country at all!!  Also use that money for extra yummy treats. hahahahaha 😉
  • Tinseltown – best milkshakes in London.  It’s near Oxford Street on Great Portland Street.

Here are some pictures (I just love photos.  I’m sure you must have noticed by now!):

IMG_5815 (1)



Westminster Abbey.  I tried an artistic shot but in retrospect it doesn’t look that artistic. LOL


The lovely Tower Bridge!  And next up… The yummy food there.  You knew that was coming 😉




Absolutely love this cafe!  The veggie summer rolls were very refreshing. The rice was good – but not great. I loved the Banh Mi Baguette.  That was to die for. Like literally.

I would travel all the way there to eat it.  Yes it was that good!!  Ok so if you’re a vegetarian tourist you absolutely must eat a Banh Mi Baguette.  Must.  Must.


The M&M world.  Ok not like I needed to type that out – I’m sure you could have figured that out… haha!

Hope future visitors exploring London enjoy it!  Any further questions feel free to contact me 🙂




5 thoughts on “Travel Thursdays: A day sight-seeing in London

  1. gingerlovesmakeup says:

    Thanks for that! Very informative. I am a Londoner myself but I didn’t know M&M World existed. I think I’ll take my husband out this Saturday for a surprise visit at M&M World. 🙂

    • bandhnabajaj says:

      Yeah I didn’t know about it till a year ago when I was walking from Covent Garden to Piccadily! And I was like OMG OMG. Now its my happy place! Hope you enjoy it with your husband 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

    • bandhnabajaj says:

      HAHAHA! I’m starting to wonder why the photos of food appeared so large in comparison. The resolution was exactly the same. The computer must know I really love my food. 😉
      Thanks for dropping by Liz! Hope you’re doing good 🙂

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