B’s Day Trip To Cambridge

I’ve recently decided that I have to explore UK as a country.  It sounds pretty obvious but somehow when you live in a place, you often take it for granted.  I had the opportunity to travel within UK while my sisters were visiting and the voice in my head basically screamed “THIS IS AS GOOD AS A EUROPEAN HOLIDAY – DON’T OVER LOOK IT’S BEAUTY”!  Yes – Cambridge was nothing less than beautiful.  It reminded me of a combination of Venice (primarily its canal like structure) and London (the British Architecture).  

We hopped on a direct train (45 mins) from Kings Cross Station and alighted at Cambridge.  It was pretty straight-forward as we didn’t get lost.  I’m quite directionally challenged otherwise!  I usually rely on my husband on holidays where directions are concerned.  However, we reached just fine…

My number one tip would be:

See Cambridge while punting!  You will be able to cover all the major sites of Cambridge in this 45 minute experience.  The punters are pretty good looking too 😉 HAHAHA!  But yeah friendly punters are a great bonus!

ImagePunting made me nostalgic.  I was reminiscent of Venice!!  Saying that – gondolas are definitely overpriced in comparison.  Just FYI – we should all buy little boats next time and take them to Venice.

Tip NO 2:  Take photos with King’s College (as it’s free to do so!) ok – so take photos with everything.  The architecture is simply immaculate.



Go into Pembroke College if you want to see a college for free 🙂 The name seemed pretty apt with “broke” in it.


Enjoyed Cambridge very much and would recommend it as a day trip for visitors in London 🙂




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