B’s Afternoon Tea with the Husband at Waldorf Astoria Syon Lane

Hello!  I got a birthday gift voucher for afternoon tea for 2 at Waldorf Astoria Syon Lane so it was time to drag my husband to one of these.  He’s never been for one!!  I usually go with my girlfriends, but since he loves food – I thought he would enjoy it 🙂

It was lovely as expected.  🙂

Here’s the menu:Image

We obviously went for the vegetarian option and omitted the egg mayo with an avocado sandwich.  It was yummy!

And here’s the result of our order…


3 layers of heaven!  I’m going to say something pretty vain here but my scones are better. They are softer and yummier just FYI.  Even my hubby said it – and no I didn’t bribe him to compliment me 🙂

Let’s look at each layer… Scrutinising food is always good 😉


ImageImageIt was all pretty delectable.  My favourite sandwich was the cheddar cheese with chutney (not because I’m Indian!)  Favourite scone – was well, my own. HAHAHA!

Favourite dessert had to be the chocolate eclair.  It was yummy with oozing custard inside.


My enchanted tea (so it was called) – was mysterious. Kind of reminded me of the enchanted magical forest.  Yes I am in my own world. And yes, I love being in it!  It had a fruity flavour and was pretty interesting.

To end the afternoon tea – since it was an all-inclusive:  I ended it with a nice hot cappuccino!

ImageIt was a bit strong to be honest.  Oh god, I sound like I’m complaining about a FREE MEAL. How is that even possible??

Ok the scone was pretty good, how can anything topped up with clotted cream and jam go wrong?

ImageEnjoyed my day out 🙂  My sisters are coming to visit London tomorrow – so I’ll be showing them around and exploring London as a tourist!  xx B


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