Copenhagen Travel Guide for Vegetarians!

I almost feel local in the streets of Copenhagen now. I’ve been there thrice in the span of 4 years, My husband’s office is located there – and sometimes I tag along. My initial reaction to the country was that its “alright” but it can burn a hole right in your pants, honestly, forget about it merely drilling a hole in your pocket. Extortion is the key word here. I vividly remember a bowl of roasted potatoes costing me the equivalent to 15 pounds. I almost died on the spot. The inner cheapskate in me had fainted. But now, being a local foreigner there (yes, the juxtaposition was necessary) I know cheap vegetarian eats that are delectable. So here’s my little guide of must-sees and must-eats (vegetarian food in Copehagen). Vegetarian Must Eats in Copenhagen:

  • DOP – Vegetarian Hotdog from a hotdog stand. OMG – there’s one! DOP. It’s located on Stroget itself, opposite H&M. I had it three lunches in a row! It was that good
  • RizRaz – located near Stroget. It has a vegetarian buffet (salads, pasta, lasagna, falafels) It’s EXCELLENT.
  • Chilli-Milli – very fresh salads. A bit costly but healthy!
  • Rajisimmo – Churros from there with chocolate. OMG!
  • Sticks – yummy fruit kebabs with chocolate and nuts. Taste is quite gourmet.

My yummy pictures:

IMG_2407Yummy hotdogs! Can you believe its VEGAN + all organic produce?!

IMG_2477 Churros with milky chocolate topping and vanilla soft serve

Honestly, there’s not much to do in Denmark (compared to other European Destinations) but here’s a list of possible things to do. Places to visit in Copenhagen: Canal Boat Tour – 1 hour tour that’s just about 7 pounds and lasts an hour. Nice way to see the country. Little Mermaid – Very disappointing. So don’t go all the way there to see a small black statue. Instead go on the canal tour, it passes it and that’s suffice. National Museum – I enjoyed it. It has many rooms and is very well made. Gives you a good outline of the Stone Age – Bronze Age – Iron Age etc. It even had a skeleton in a coffin. That was quite unusual. Stroget – walk the main street and eat hotdogs!! 🙂 Tivoli Garden – it’s a beautiful place to walk around even if you’re not planning on going on rides! Some pretty pictures: IMG_2465

The canal 


The pathetic little mermaid.  It’s like Where’s Wolly – so tiny that you have to try spot it

IMG_2564The beautiful Tivoli Gardens that has been there literally forever (there’s Sticks there if you want to eat gourmet fruit kebab!)

IMG_2471Spot our names on the walls at Nyhavn!

Have fun while you’re there.  And if there’s something I haven’t mention that’s worth a shout, do leave me a shout out 🙂




14 thoughts on “Copenhagen Travel Guide for Vegetarians!

    • Bandhna says:

      Yeah Liz! It was yummy! Thanks for dropping by – hope you’ve been well! I bet you’ve tried to make churros at home before (any good recipe?) You’re my master-chef! xx

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