Foodie Fridays : Afternoon Tea


So there I was, gracefully stuffing my face with scones and tea.

My love for food extends to tea.  London’s traditional Afternoon Tea is the icing or rather clotted cream to my scone.  One of the perks of living here!  I met a friend on Wednesday in the city to catch up over tea.  We both love Afternoon Teas and have tried various ones around the city.

The picture above illustrates the beautiful way in which we were served.  I especially liked the modern three tiered serving style as opposed to the traditional type.  We went to Marylebone Hotel.

There was a vast variety of tea.  I enjoyed the citrus lemon tea and the hibiscus fruit tea the most.  My friend indulged in Earl Grey.  The tea was unlimited in case you were wondering.  We were both given a variety of sandwiches and they catered to my veterinarian request with a variety (grilled veggies, cream cheese and chives, mozzarella with vine tomatoes).  I was satisfied.  However,  I simply could not make it to the top.  The second tier was my limit, and I knew the next day I had to go for my workout without any excuses.

Let’s have a moment of silence for my over-indulgence.



7 thoughts on “Foodie Fridays : Afternoon Tea

    • bandhnabajaj says:

      Yes Diana! It absolutely is an afternoon tea-lover paradise! The best one I’ve been to is actually The Kensington Hotel Afternoon Tea @ South Kensington. It really gives you the british-fire-place tea experience. The service is impeccable too! I highly recommend that one when you’re here next. Cheers to more afternoon teas! X

      • Dolce Diana says:

        Ooohhh I hope to go there one day! Yep definitely! I’m actually thinking of having an afternoon tea section in my blog and make it my goal to try as many…perhaps as a job…do reviews on afternoon tea…job offers anyone?:) lol

  1. bandhnabajaj says:

    That’s a good idea to have a section dedicated to afternoon tea. I would love to check it out when you do.
    haha! That would make a fantastic part time! 🙂

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