Living in the UK Exam – there’s an APP!

Hello everyone! ūüôā

I PASSED the exam! CELEBRATIONS are in place!  My husband picked me up from the centre and he got take away for lunch! How sweet of him.

I was in exuberance upon getting my result. ¬†Ok, the actual exam was very tricky. ¬†I was surprised that the first question left me dumbfounded. I was like huh? The Crimean War? What does that even have to do with Living in the UK.¬† Luckily, I remembered a bit here and there from the study guide. ¬†I studied more on UK policies than the history. ¬†Studying does pay off. I started off Uni in law school – that actually really helped me study smart¬†and mind map concisely.¬†All in all – I’m just so happy to get it out of the way.

Completely side tracking, but the examiner loved my nails. ūüôā ¬†Pretty nails are usually a conversation starter or just a simple ice-breaker. ¬†ūüôā

YES. ¬†So I passed. ¬†The APP really did help. ¬†I’d suggest anyone applying for a settlement VISA in UK to download the app. ¬†It was 2 or 3 pounds – enough to make me pause and think. ¬†Then I weighed out the opportunity cost and logically thought to myself that I just makes sense. ¬†And it did.

There were about 7-10 exact questions, or very similar. ¬†It’s a bit of a blur right now. ¬†Somehow after an exam its always hard to recall EXACTLY what was asked. ¬†Saying that, I know exactly what was not asked (nothing about the elections or the UK coalition party). ¬†Which makes me wonder about the importance of the exam in the first place.

Furthermore, around 10 questions were completely new to me. ¬†They weren’t in the trial mock exam database in the app and the remainders were just similar content but different wording.

Tips for people taking this exam in the future:

  1. I’d suggest to actually study. ¬†Even if you feel nerdy doing so, do it. ¬†It’s 50 pounds – don’t waste it.
  2. Download the app Рdo the mock exams repeatedly until you know the answer before reading the question.
  3. Make notes – trivial facts are actually asked.
  4. Be confident but not overconfident. Re-read the question.

Good luck to all. ¬†Migrating often seems¬†adventurous¬†and fun to most. ¬†Unfortunately there’s endless paperwork and issues regarding legality that need to be followed. ¬†To top it off – an exam!