The birth of my blog

Starting a blog is always so difficult.  Actually starting anything is tough.  I spent a full 3 minutes staring at the screen and then I thought, if I don’t start- I never will.  So here I am starting.
I’m not sure exactly what I want from this blog to be honest.  But then again – what do we actually want from life?  It’s a learning experience and through experience you then realize what you don’t want, or if you’re lucky what you want.  I somehow have realized what I do want from life. I want to be happy – in any given situation.  It sounds so simple but it’s really not – but that’s what I want. So I try engaging in things that make me happy!

I thought blogging would be nice, a place where I put my thoughts/feelings/ideas up there.  A place to share, to learn and to grow.  Even if no one ever reads this (that would be pretty sad, and I am hoping to not be THAT  boring! hahaha) – still it will be a place where I just connect.

What I’ve been up to lately besides starting a blog, finally, after much contemplation (I must add!) – is  suffering the reprecussions of migrating.  I am “studying” for my “Life in UK Exam” to get a PR here.   I don’t know where the 2 years have flown and it’s time to be legally grounded here!  I finally got to book for this exam and I didn’t realise being a citizen meant knowing about the Norman Conquest, the Anglo Saxons and even the national food that they eat in Wales.  To add to the irony – we are expected to know what time April Fools jokes go on till.  Does anyone even know there is a time limit?  That sounds like a joke itself.  Just FYI it’s technically until 12pm only. HUH? So I will have to know these facts otherwise I will have to retake the exam and waste 50 pounds.

I’ve been researching on the mobile app industry.  It’s crazy.  It’s something I am actually very interested in right now.  On Tuesdays – I intend to blog on this –  it’ll be my Technology Tuesdays.  Where I plan to review apps that I personally like, or that have caught my eye! The app-mobile industry is unequivocally thriving.  There are questions that seem absurd and simply do not have a realistic answer to them.  For instance, how does a teenager make 30 million from selling a single app?  Does that even make sense?  Yet, it happens.  Although there are 750, 000 plus apps in the industry, you could get lucky with an offer that you’d be stupid to refuse. I guess the odds are greater than the national lottery.  Yet, if I were to make an app (not program it as I’m not that technological savvy) – how would I go about it?  How would I advertise it?
Currently, we (my husband and I) have been brainstorming a few ideas and hope to launch an app this year.  To get out there, to get in the app industry even if it goes unseen.
At least it’s a start. It’s a birth, like the birth of my blog.





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