Envylope by Amit & Bandhna – Reviewed Online!

Hello everyone.  I am very much alive and have not died – just in case any one of you morbid people were wondering!  LOL! Although,  I feel it has been just way too long since I have blogged.  I’m back home (finally), so you’ll be hearing from me much more.  My veggie-food experiments will also be on a high as I’ve missed the kitchen! Now, who would have thought?  Well, I have missed cooking my own food.  I’ve been on the go for quite awhile and I just want to eat my own stuff now!!

Anyways –  I was super excited to see my name on a review site!  So rewarding!  I just had to share it 🙂


My name on this site…. Yaey!!  So it’s always beneficial to have a unique name as chances are almost certain that its you 😉  Hope everyone has been really well.  A huge thank you to my new followers as well –  I’m usually very active, so you’ll be hearing from me more.  Looking forward to checking out everyones blog too!

Hope everyone has had a Sparkling New Year – a Belated Happy New Year From Sparkle Bubble! 




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