Here’s an INDEX of all my posts and links to Envylope.  For quick insight on what it is & our ongoing progress with it.  

Encapsulating the struggles and the success it entails. 

Quick Links For Envylope:

Envylope Website

Envylope on Facebook

Envylope on Twitter

Meet the Team (Appily Married Couple)

Our Journey

The Idea Behind Envylope

Money-Envelope Predominant Gift in Asian Culture

Global Reviews of Envylope 

Support of Family & Friends

Envylope Blog Posts (My Personal Posts)

The Excitement: Envylope’s Out on the App Store

The Progress:  Envylope on Facebook

Envylope’s First Review Online

Envylope’s Update On the Way

My Happiness Expressed:  Envylope in the Press

Excitement on Getting Editor’s Choice Award & Being Featured Further


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