Japanese Money Envelope – Kinpu

Hello everyone!  So today I stumbled upon this blog post: How To Make a Japanese Money Envelope.  It was so reminiscent of my times in Japan.  (One reason how I came up with Envylope App). Japanese people are really into culture and aesthetics.

In their culture – money envelopes (kinpu) as a form of gift giving is predominant.  They give money to one another for new births, marriages, new houses, funerals even they “pay” money to tutors in a “money-envelope” as it is considered to be more polite.  The envelope they choose for the various occasion is different too.  Each type of envelope has a different symbolic characteristic.  I honestly love their culture – it’s just so interesting.  I miss JAPAN!

This made me think that I absolutely must get a translation of Envylope App  in the Japan App Store ASAP!  🙂

And in my spare time, I can learn how to make a Japanese Money Envelope too! hehehe

Hope everyones been wonderful. Here’s a link to Asian Cultures that use Envelopes as gift giving – written by me 😉 .

Any tips/comments on the Japan App Market is welcomed!