Bright Summery Nails!

Sunshine, a word that seems to now exist in London.  I’m loving the weather.  It’s surprising how the weather can affect a person’s mood and even the colours they choose to wear on a daily basis.  When I moved to London my first impression of British was that they wore rather “dull clothes” which seemed to reflect the “grey” weather of the country. On the contrary, the Aussies are bright reflecting the sunshine of the country.  Does this also affect people’s moods?I guess the weather does play a role, but the extent of which it affects behaviour and mood is questionable.  I guess an easy scapegoat for people being in a foul mood would be “blame it on the weather”.

I LOVE COLOR.  The last few days I’ve been enjoying bright colours to reflect the beautiful bright weather.

Today I made a trip to the nail salon (poor husband hehe) and got a nice bright summery print done!


I love it!