Foodie Fridays: B’s Mediterranean Lettuce Cups

Hope everyones doing well. ¬†It’s Friday so I’m sure the weekend makes everyone smile. ūüôā

Foodie Fridays have been pretty fatty, should be called Fatty Fridays honestly. ¬†Today was pretty healthy – I have to admit. ¬†Well so far at least! ¬†I had leftover hummus¬†(the link will direct you to my recipe) from yesterday and thought I’d eat it differently. ¬†Had Baby Gem Lettuce in the fridge which made me think of lettuce cups! ¬†Baby Gem Lettuce are the best for lettuce cups as the shape holds very well as opposed to other types of lettuce – just FYI. I strongly¬†recommend¬†it!

hummus cups

Don’t they just look absolutely yummy? ¬†They were better than good enough to eat, as far as the aphorism goes. ¬†Very refreshing for a hot day in London (rare to have hot days here!). ¬†Surprisingly, even my husband loved it for lunch. ¬†For him it was more of a snack to be honest!

B’s Mediterranean Lettuce Cups

Makes: As many as your leftover hummus can fill!


  • Hummus¬†(home-made) or store bought
  • Baby Gem Lettuce
  • Olives


  1. Wash lettuce with cold water and assemble in a plate.  Leave it in the fridge for 10 mins if you want it nice and chilled.
  2. Spread hummus on it.  Top it off with olives!
  3. Voila! Eat and enjoy ūüôā

So simple.  Yet so delicious and pretty!