App Review: Flipboard

Flipboard is one of my most used apps on my iPad (it’s the mini, in case you were wondering!  And I absolutely love it.  It was a gift from my husband 🙂 I should bake him more cookies, it seems to be working ) 🙂  It’s become a digital age magazine, where while watching TV you can browse through saved sites, RSS feeds etc.


This is how it looks.  I love the format, as its easy to use and easy on the eyes.  Nothing too complicated – which is good as that would contradict the very notion of it being like a magazine.  It’s meant to be relaxing, not complicated.  I usually browse News, Recipes, Blogs, Fashion, etc.  Since I have a blog now, I’ve added it to Flipboard 🙂 And besides, the brownies look far too tempting for it to be denied attention!


The latest update allows users to save articles to read later and personalize their very own magazine.  This magazine would consist of articles that interest them which they have selected.  I think this feature is extremely helpful when users are commuting on the tube.  That is if they get a seat.  I can’t imagine using my iPad while standing in the tube next to thirty thousand other commuters.  The tubes here are a nightmare.  London should really learn from Japan.  The train system was brilliant 15 years ago compared to the present day tubes.  I seem to be going off tangent! 😉  If you lived in London you’d empathize with me completely.

In a nutshell – things I love about it:

  • Easy to Use
  • Digital Magazine Style that has gone right!
  • Saving articles for later is a brilliant idea (esp for commuting)







Technology Tuesdays: Paprika (Recipe Manager App)

Today’s app – PAPRIKA.  My favorite Recipe App!Image

Hello there!  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  Weekends we mainly eat out and try different restaurants.  Or we go to the same restaurant and end up ordering exactly the same thing to avoid disappointment!  Sounds ironic but when you get to one of your favorite restaurants, you know exactly what would satisfy you and the risk of a new dish is almost frightening.

Weekdays we eat at home, which means I get to show-off my culinary skills or the lack of. haha! Which brings me to today’s featured app – Paprika.  It’s actually the only app I use for recipes.  I usually download mainly free apps unless the paid app proves to be very useful.  I’m quite frugal when it comes to apps (not so when it comes to designer handbags).  We have to save somewhere! 🙂  This app is usually $4.99 and you can check it out here: (apparently there’s a sale at the moment!)

Firstly, the APP lets you search for recipes from all over the web through your internet browser.  It also provides suggested supported sites which are very useful.  I especially like to go to AllRecipes and BettyCrocker.   However. there are times I like to go to other sites and Paprika gives me this flexibility.  When you come upon a recipe that you would like to save – instead of a snapshot, it will save it in a uniform template into your recipe organizer.  Prior to this app, I used to snapshot what I liked and had to go through my photo gallery frantically when I was about to try something new.  That was pretty inefficient and time consuming.  Now I am able to save, categorize and store in an effective manner.

Sometimes, you come across a site that is not supported by this app as it cannot differentiate the text in the blog from the recipe.  There is toolbar at the bottom of this app that overcomes this problem.  You are able to manually copy the ingredients, method, title and store it in the template where you can then save.


The picture above is a snapshot of my Paprika Recipes.  This demonstrates the way in which my recipes are stored.  There is a search button on the top which allows the users to search their own saved recipes.  Also, you are able to save your own recipes in the same format to add to this collection.

Secondly, if technology isn’t quite your “thing”, it allows you to print recipes so you can have them in a recipe file if that’s how you are used to storing them.  I have to admit, that I print some of my recipes instead of taking my iPad or iPhone in the kitchen with me all the time.

The last feature that this app is able to do is – plan meals.  Frankly, I do not use this feature much as I rather plan my recipes weekly.  Also – my husband sometimes doesn’t quite like sticking to the plan and has spontaneous food cravings.  🙂  Eitherway, the picture below shows how this feature can be used.


The birth of my blog

Starting a blog is always so difficult.  Actually starting anything is tough.  I spent a full 3 minutes staring at the screen and then I thought, if I don’t start- I never will.  So here I am starting.
I’m not sure exactly what I want from this blog to be honest.  But then again – what do we actually want from life?  It’s a learning experience and through experience you then realize what you don’t want, or if you’re lucky what you want.  I somehow have realized what I do want from life. I want to be happy – in any given situation.  It sounds so simple but it’s really not – but that’s what I want. So I try engaging in things that make me happy!

I thought blogging would be nice, a place where I put my thoughts/feelings/ideas up there.  A place to share, to learn and to grow.  Even if no one ever reads this (that would be pretty sad, and I am hoping to not be THAT  boring! hahaha) – still it will be a place where I just connect.

What I’ve been up to lately besides starting a blog, finally, after much contemplation (I must add!) – is  suffering the reprecussions of migrating.  I am “studying” for my “Life in UK Exam” to get a PR here.   I don’t know where the 2 years have flown and it’s time to be legally grounded here!  I finally got to book for this exam and I didn’t realise being a citizen meant knowing about the Norman Conquest, the Anglo Saxons and even the national food that they eat in Wales.  To add to the irony – we are expected to know what time April Fools jokes go on till.  Does anyone even know there is a time limit?  That sounds like a joke itself.  Just FYI it’s technically until 12pm only. HUH? So I will have to know these facts otherwise I will have to retake the exam and waste 50 pounds.

I’ve been researching on the mobile app industry.  It’s crazy.  It’s something I am actually very interested in right now.  On Tuesdays – I intend to blog on this –  it’ll be my Technology Tuesdays.  Where I plan to review apps that I personally like, or that have caught my eye! The app-mobile industry is unequivocally thriving.  There are questions that seem absurd and simply do not have a realistic answer to them.  For instance, how does a teenager make 30 million from selling a single app?  Does that even make sense?  Yet, it happens.  Although there are 750, 000 plus apps in the industry, you could get lucky with an offer that you’d be stupid to refuse. I guess the odds are greater than the national lottery.  Yet, if I were to make an app (not program it as I’m not that technological savvy) – how would I go about it?  How would I advertise it?
Currently, we (my husband and I) have been brainstorming a few ideas and hope to launch an app this year.  To get out there, to get in the app industry even if it goes unseen.
At least it’s a start. It’s a birth, like the birth of my blog.