Easy Sushi Bowl Recipe

Hello everyone!  Hope you all are doing great.  Quite excited to have a lot of traffic daily despite updating my site.  This should encourage me to update more!!

My husband loves sushi.  I often make it, but there are days where its simply too time consuming (as there’s so much happening simultaneously sometimes!) So here’s as easy Sushi Bowl Idea where you an get the taste of sushi in bowl..!  It’s really easy as there’s barely any cooking involved!  Sushi is raw food after all 🙂



Easy Sushi Bowl Recipe

Makes: 2 bowls


1 avocado, cut in slices

1 carrot, cut in batons

scrambled tofu with beansproouts

pink ginger

Vegetarian Bacon Slices


Teriyaki Sauce

Cooked Japanese Rice

3-4 tbsp Sushi Rice Vinegar

Salt & Pepper

Japanese Chilli Flakes


Cook the scrambled tofu with beansprouts and teriyaki sauce.  Add Salt and Pepper.

Arrange the sushi bowl with rice first and all the desired toppings!


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