A shout-out to say I am alive.

Hi guys!  Thanks for everyone who stops by my website.  I haven’t put up new posts in quite some time.  However, to my delight my stats are rising and daily I get hits from various countries around the globe.  This is encouraging me to make time to write on my space here.

A bit of an update with my life explaining my disappearance is essential!

  • Busy planning the final stages of Envylope (this year the entire app will be done, and we will hopefully be moving on to another project.  We haven’t decided what yet though!)  I am open to suggestions.  You can email me.
  • Been writing for a few sites and papers.  I will be putting up some of my articles here as well.
  • Had the pleasure of travelling in December, attended two family weddings.

I have not lost my passion to try out new healthy recipes or my thrill in exploring the world.  I will be posting about them very soon!




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