B’s Day Trip to Bicester Outlet Village and Oxford

ALERT TO ALL BRAND-LOVING SHOPPERS – this post will cost you!  It’s highly likely you’d end up here after hearing my undying love for brands at a good price.  🙂

I also recommend Bicester to all my friends who visit London.  My favourite shop there is Burberry as you get good merchandise for an even better price! 🙂

Brands that I personally like there:

  • Burberry
  • Roberto Cavalli
  • Prada (though I’ve not bought anything yet- I’d really love to win the lottery one day and shop without checking the price-tag!)
  • Dior (I liked a pair of sunnies once and some lady took them right under my nose!)
  • Guess (they have pretty funky tees for a good price)
  • MK (I end up just browsing)
  • Juicy Couture (Bought a really nice wristlet for my iPhone 5 – during my latest trip)
  • Gucci (I’ve not bought anything from the outlets but I always browse – just ‘coz you never know!)

When my friends visit we often plan a day trip there! I’m on a shopping diet right now and this post is making me want to buy something. arghhhhh.

After a day of shopping we went to Oxford and walked around a bit.  Oxford is a beautiful place though in retrospect I prefer Cambridge.  But if you are spending a day in Bicester, Oxford is a mere 15 minute drive so it only makes sense to explore!  I loved the fact that it was so quaint.  

Here are a few pictures of Oxford:


I found the picture with the heads really weird – almost creepy.  But it was worth a photo 🙂 hehehe.. 

Enjoyed walking around and was exhausted after!


B’s tired feet. 





B’s latest buys – Haute Couture.

In the weekend I went shopping to Bicester Village Outlets to buy birthday gifts for me from the husband! 🙂  Guilt free brand shopping is a therapy. To get your hands on little haute couture goodies is a blissful feeling.

In Dublin,  my Dior sunnies were stolen.  It was really tragic at that point.  In all honestly, I still feel sad about it even while typing this!  Funny how attached we get to materialistic things… What can I say?  I am guilty as charged.

I went searching for a replacement as I had gone to Westfield to see current models but they don’t compliment my face shape as much.  Bicester Village has older models that suit me more.

Roberto Cavalli:

ImageThis was rather chic and the color was vibrant.  it just suited me!  I had to get it.  🙂

My next gift was a Burberry.  Since I have a Burberry jacket and a Burberry bag it was time to get a different merchandise.  I was thinking wellies!  Boots!

The sun aint going to shine forever in London no matter how optimistic we might be!


I’m looking forward to winter again, just so I can wear these 🙂