B’s Day Trip to Bicester Outlet Village and Oxford

ALERT TO ALL BRAND-LOVING SHOPPERS – this post will cost you!  It’s highly likely you’d end up here after hearing my undying love for brands at a good price.  🙂

I also recommend Bicester to all my friends who visit London.  My favourite shop there is Burberry as you get good merchandise for an even better price! 🙂

Brands that I personally like there:

  • Burberry
  • Roberto Cavalli
  • Prada (though I’ve not bought anything yet- I’d really love to win the lottery one day and shop without checking the price-tag!)
  • Dior (I liked a pair of sunnies once and some lady took them right under my nose!)
  • Guess (they have pretty funky tees for a good price)
  • MK (I end up just browsing)
  • Juicy Couture (Bought a really nice wristlet for my iPhone 5 – during my latest trip)
  • Gucci (I’ve not bought anything from the outlets but I always browse – just ‘coz you never know!)

When my friends visit we often plan a day trip there! I’m on a shopping diet right now and this post is making me want to buy something. arghhhhh.

After a day of shopping we went to Oxford and walked around a bit.  Oxford is a beautiful place though in retrospect I prefer Cambridge.  But if you are spending a day in Bicester, Oxford is a mere 15 minute drive so it only makes sense to explore!  I loved the fact that it was so quaint.  

Here are a few pictures of Oxford:


I found the picture with the heads really weird – almost creepy.  But it was worth a photo 🙂 hehehe.. 

Enjoyed walking around and was exhausted after!


B’s tired feet. 





Review: Tastecard + Tastecard App

One of my favourite perks about living in London is the affordable prices of eating out.  Eating out often is often seen as a luxury in many countries.  In Japan, Australia and Singapore – all the countries I’ve lived prior to my move here had a common thread.  Eating out in restaurants were expensive.  A night out with friends in an average restaurant would cost about 30 SGD per head.  If we take this value as a dollar-to-dollar value not accounting for difference in currency value, it is astoundingly high!

Eating out in London with the tastecard is very reasonable.  You can walk out a meal paying just 8-10 pounds per head.  The tastecard gives you either a 50% discount or a 2 for 1 deal in thousands of restaurants across UK.  This even works in Dublin, Scotland, Wales.  I’ve used it in all those countries.  It makes travelling across UK more affordable as your daily budget factors less money to food.

Tastecard has an app which makes finding restaurants near your radius simple.  Often we try new restaurants based solely upon the fact that there is a 50% discount.  That proves to be an incentive to try an unknown restaurant.  We have discovered many hidden gems this way.  I’ll be reviewing must-eat restaurants in London that are part of the taste card group!

This is the home screen of the app:


It allows for easy reference to history, recent search and allows you to search.  I’ve recently searched for afternoon teas – as you can see!  I love good afternoon teas!

If you click on the search tab below, the screen would look like this:


This allows users to make specific searches.  It helps me narrow down restaurants to the cuisine that I feel like eating 😉  (A girl needs what she needs!)

I strongly recommend this app to anyone who has tastecard.  And if you do not have tastecard and live in the UK – you should get an annual subscription now.  It’s usually 30 pounds (on offer).  One of the best inventions in UK!