Travel Thursdays: Singapore

Best to know about a country from a local-cum- tourist, someone like – well me. ūüôā Being Singaporean I can’t help but feel a sense of pride for my country. ¬†Frankly, I don’t know where I belong due to my history, but it’s safe to say I am Singaporean. ¬†Travelling has its perks, but it definitely comes with a price to pay. ¬†An individual’s sense of belonging is lost – and for me, I find my belonging to any country questionable.

I predominantly love the radiant multicultural aura that Singapore has. ¬†Everyone feels welcomed in a country like that. ¬†Although, I’ve always come across negative comments about the country being a concrete jungle. ¬†There is truth to this, as land is scarce and population is growing. ¬†Thus, to counter this problem the government built high rise buildings. ¬†Large sky scrapers surround the country which is a distinctive feature of the country as opposed to countries like Australia and USA which have an abundance of land.

A question of whether the weather plays a role in your holiday is an important one.  Singapore is located on slightly north of the equator which makes it a hot country!  Being an island the level of humidity is pretty high as well. I guess geography lessons paid off somewhat.  Tropical countries make a good holiday though.  You can bring out your summer dresses, flip-flops and sunnies and start your day exploring.

If you love a fast-paced city life, Singapore is a holiday destination that is perfect for you!

Shopping malls are open till very late at night and 24-hour food joints are found in every corner. ¬†Do try ROTI PRATA (flour based bread) which is an Asian Indian speciality. ¬†It’s typically served with fish curry but there are vegetarian options and dessert options too. ¬†I can’t believe I went without mentioning food for an entire paragraph. Maybe my diet is working and my brain is avoiding topics related to food. ūüôā

Anyways, I love shopping and window shopping (it’s a cheaper option to be honest though the level of satisfaction is questionable) .

So here are a few tips on shopping in Singapore from a shopping expert (myself of course!)

Malls I recommend (click on the links to see store listing): 

Ion Mall: new mall that has recently opened

Vivocity: huge mall with a cinema as well

Somerset 313 – shops and one of my favourite restaurants : Marche

Do try a Rosti! It’s delicious! After eating it there years ago, I’ve tried making it at home too!

 Cheap shopping of souvenirs and clothes:

-Bugis Street (opposite Bugis Junction Mall) You can reach there by MRT- alight at Bugis station.


Sentosa – the luge ride is fun! Stay for the fountain show too

Supertrees (new addition to Singapore. ¬†I went last week at night and was mesmerised by it. ¬†It’s located in Gardens by the bay)



Took a few pictures for my blog!  The beauty encapsulated in the picture is a fraction of the beauty it exudes in real life.  Breathtaking.

Marina Bay Sands – A hotel that is recently made. ¬†It has a gondola rides in it that replicate Venice. ¬†It’s also beautiful to make your way up to Kudeta restaurant which overlooks Singapore’s city. ¬†I’d recommend for you to make a trip up there at night as the night-view is spectacular.

 Mode of transport:

-MRT – the train system is fantastic. It’s fast,convenient and punctual. ¬†The tube system should learn from Singapore! It’s cheap too.

-Taxis: the flag down rate is $3.20 which is very reasonable compared to most countries.

If you are making a trip there and need further advice, feel free to contact me!

Bon voyage.




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